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How to Use Amazon Attribution For Ad Campaigns

Every Amazon seller is aware of how tough it’s far to tune and degree the effect of external marketing channels on income. It doesn’t be counted how you are driving clicks on your Amazon web page; as soon as consumers land on the website, it’s absolutely everyone’s bet what occurs.


Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. Amazon Attribution makes it possible for positive dealers to track what takes place to every consumer they send to the platform. In this submit, I’ll provide an explanation for the whole thing you need to understand about Amazon Attribution, such as:

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The advantages of using Amazon AttributionNettsCustoms
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Essential training to energy your Amazon Attribution approach
What Is Amazon Attribution?
Amazon Attribution is a device that lets you music, attribute, and optimize your non-AmazonUndoneCreation advertising and marketing campaigns, so that you can develop your Amazon enterprise.

Specifically, the device offers analytics insight into how non-Amazon advertising channels like seek, social media, show, PPC, and e-mail marketing effect sales on Amazon. It can also track visitors despatched to a different internet site that ultimately converts on Amazon.

Access to Amazon Attribution is available through either the platform’s self-service console or through gear that already combine with the Amazon Advertising API.What Does Amazon Attribution Cost?EightPatterns
Amazon Attribution is to be had free of charge, that is exceptional news for e-trade proprietors.

Who Can Use Amazon Attribution?CounterBeSties
Amazon Attribution is presently handiest to be had to dealers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, carriers, KDP authors, and corporations which have clients who sell merchandise on Amazon. Users need to be based totally in one of the following international locations:

The Netherlands
What Can You Track Using Amazon Attribution?forbesblogger
Amazon Attribution helps you to song a variety of metrics which can impact e-trade income, consisting of:

Detailed page viewsbusinessinsiderss
Purchase price
Add to cart
Total income
How Does Amazon Attribution Work?
Amazon Attribution uses parameterized URLs—basically a tracking URL. When users click on on the hyperlink and go to your keep, Amazon can song exactly what they do.

It’s a piece like a combination of Facebook’s Pixel and Google Analytics. Everything users do when they click on on your ad is tracked, and you may see it all in an smooth-to-use dashboard.


What Can’t Amazon Attribution Do?
The best hassle with Amazon Attribution is that you can’t ship facts lower back to ad channels. And which means you can’t use Amazon Attribution for retargeting purposes. This is different from the Facebook Pixel, which lets you use facts gathered through Meta to retarget human beings in new campaigns.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t like you taking clients far from its platform. It additionally manner you can’t use information from Amazon Attribution to fuel the automated optimization capabilities on Google and Facebook Ads.

Four Amazon Attribution Features You’ll Want to Try
Amazon Attribution isn’t only a URL monitoring tool. It has several capabilities marketers will want to leverage.
1. Full-Funnel Amazon Analyticsteckcrunchs
Amazon Attribution appreciably will increase the variety of income funnel information manufacturers have get admission to to. You’re not simply constrained to conversion facts. Instead, Amazon lifts the curtain on how clients interact with your product on their platform, supplying metrics like clicks, specific web page perspectives, and the way oftentimes customers upload your product to their basket.

2. On-Demand Amazon Conversion Metricslifehackeres
You can see campaign overall performance as and whilst it happens. Real-time reporting approach marketers can optimize their advertising campaigns faster than ever earlier than.

Three. Customer Insightsthenextssite
Because of the wealth of metrics Amazon Attributes offers, marketers can apprehend how the users they ship to their keep behave after they get there. Do they add the product to their basket as quickly as they land on a page? Do they discover a one-of-a-kind product they opt for? Do they no longer buy something in any respect? Amazon Attribution lets you answer all the ones questions and more.


4. Separate Tracking for Each Advertising Channel
Amazon Attribution we could marketers create unique tags for each marketing channel. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, blog posts, social media posts, it doesn’t remember. You could make loads of tags so that you usually get granular detail on the overall performance of each channel.


Why Is Amazon Attribution Such a Big Deal?
It’s now not an overstatement to say Amazon Attribution ought to turn out to be a transformational tool for dealers and providers. Before the device was created, tracking off-Amazon advertising and marketing campaigns become an absolute nightmare.

There become surely no manner to distinguish visitors from separate marketing channels. It changed into all dumped together.

Let’s say you made 500 sales, and that your own Amazon ads generated a hundred of them. That leaves four hundred income that would have come from any advertising and marketing channel or maybe through an natural Amazon listing.

Do you see what a problem this is for marketers looking for the first-rate channel? There’s no way they are able to tell.

Amazon Attribution adjustments the entirety completely. Now marketers and brands can see exactly in which each sale comes from, and that incorporates a gaggle of advantages.


4 Benefits of Using Amazon Attribution
“Why use Amazon Attribution within the first area?” I listen a number of you ask. There are numerous reasons eligible manufacturers should begin using Amazon Attribution right now. Here are my top 3.

1. It Gives You Full-Funnel Analytics
If you run multiple advertising campaigns, preserving track of the whole thing in a single area is critical. That’s what Amazon Attribution gives you in the form of complete-funnel attribution. You can measure the effect of all of your campaigns, how they interact with every other, and the volume to which they power visitors to Amazon. Amazon Attribution covers all fashionable visitors metrics (impressions and clicks), but additionally Amazon-associated metrics along with Add to Cart Clicks and purchases.

2. It Identifies the Most Valuable Marketing Channels
It’s now not constantly clean to calculate the ROI of your non-Amazon advertising efforts, particularly in case you use more than one channels. Amazon Attribution permits sellers to peer exactly which marketing efforts pressure the maximum income and offer the best ROI. With a clear photograph of what’s working and what’s now not, keep owners can awareness on their most worthwhile channels.

3. It Optimizes Existing Campaignssmartblogers
Amazon Attribution helps you to apprehend how customers have interaction along with your shop and the broader Amazon surroundings. If visitors from one demographic converts higher than others, you could optimize your present campaigns to power greater users that do convert and less of those that don’t. Without Amazon Attribution outlets haven’t any way of knowing which campaigns are using the most site visitors to their save and no manner of understanding which campaigns they have to scale or optimize to enhance their ROI.

4. It Can Drive More Sales
Some sellers can also discover the idea of sending outside visitors to Amazon bizarre, but it’s becoming increasingly more important. Amazon is becoming increasingly more dominant in e-commerce. At the identical time, the rate of subsidized advertisements at the platform continues to upward push.

Why Drive Traffic to Amazon inside the First Place?
When you recognize which advertising and marketing channels are only and how clients engage along with your merchandise on Amazon, you may begin to make actual, records-subsidized decisions. The sort of choices to help you promote greater on Amazon. For a few, that might be making an investment more in a selected advertising channel. For others, it is able to be adjusting the fee of their merchandise.

What’s more, new dealers are signing as much as Amazon each day. In 2020, as an instance, Amazon reviews that 2 hundred,000 new 1/3-birthday celebration sellers joined the website, a forty five percent increase from the preceding yr. With a lot competition, outside site visitors can be a essential lifeline to help dealers survive.

Reduce Amazon Advertising Costs
External site visitors helps you stay clear of the opposition for listings on Amazon and power visitors at once in your storefront. There’s no need to pay for sponsored advertisements on Amazon whilst you drive traffic directly to your products.

Boost Your Seller Rank
External site visitors can significantly growth the quantity of income your shop makes. This could have a huge impact to your universal sales. Sales velocity is one of the ranking factors Amazon uses in its A9 set of rules, so the extra sales you’re making, the higher your products will rank within the destiny.

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