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Examining the extensive search documentation leak from Google

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A guy named Erfan Azimi shared a Google API document leak with SparkToro’s Rand Fishkin, who, in turn, brought in Michael King of iPullRank, to get his help in distributing this story.

The leaked files originated from a Google API file commit titled “yoshi-code-bot /elixer-google-api,” because of this this changed into no longer a hack or a whistle-blower.

SEOs generally occupy three camps:
Everything Google tells SEOs is real and we have to observe those phrases as our scripture (I call these people the Google Cheerleaders).
Google is a liar, and you may’t trust anything Google says. (I consider them as blackhat SEOs.)
Google from time to time tells the fact, however you want to test the whole thing to look if you could locate it. (I self-identify with this camp and I’ll call this “Bill Slawski rationalism” considering the fact that he become the only who satisfied me of this view).
I suspect many people may be changing their camp after this leak.


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